Since its founding in 1949, Acacia has been an active member of the Rensselaer fraternity system and has taken an active part of the Troy, NY community in which it resides. Our house is located on Sunset Terrace behind BAR-H and RAHPS.


Be sure to check our rush calendar to see if there are any events you might be interested in attending. You are always welcome to come by the house for some dinner (every school night, 6:00 PM) or just to hang out.


Being a part of a fraternity is a lot more than just living together in a house; it is learning to deal with different types of people, learning responsibility for your actions, having friends to help you through difficulties, and most importantly forming ties with friends that will last a lifetime.


Each member of Acacia is an individual with their own style, goals, knowledge, and background. Each member of Acacia pursues their own path after graduation. But, each member of Acacia strives to live up to the Preamble to the Laws of Acacia in his own way:


We, students, faculty, and alumni of various universities and colleges, do hereby adopt this Constitution; to strengthen the ties of friendship, one with another; to prepare ourselves as educated men, to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the affairs of the community in which we may reside; and, above all, to seek the truth and knowing it, to give light to those with whom we may be associated as we travel along life's pathway.


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2020 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute InterFraternity Council